The world's first interactive mirror

EKKO is the first smart mirror available that combines simplicity and technology to transform your daily routines. The EKKO mirror is an interactive multimedia platform that reflects not only your physical appearance, but your personality as well!

"Touchless navigation"

"Simplicity is the key: anyone can figure out the easy to use interface, from child to grandparent. Thanks to its unique motion sensors, everybody can navigate easily through EKKO's functions without touching it. Because nobody likes fingerprints on the mirror."

"Fully customizable"

"Customize your experience easily using our web app. Create a personal profile and choose what you want to display: YouTube channels, music playlists, news channels, photos, podcasts, weather forecasts, daily horoscope, clock. The possibilities are endless!"

"Enhance your daily routine automatically"

"EKKO updates automatically no need to buy a new version every six months."

"A stylish piece of furniture"

"In addition to its superb technological features, EKKO is a beautiful piece of furniture that will fit anywhere in your home. Its tinted patented glass rests on a solid oak shelf, with indents for toothbrushes and miscellaneous items. There are two shapes available : round, which is able to be mounted on a wall, or rectangular."




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